You see colors, you hear sounds, you perceive shapes, but it is only a cognitive process. The real experience takes place inside your mind, where AquaBoll evokes the innate relationship that every human has with WATER

A large screen welcomes the audience, while a minimalist music fills the surrounding space. As soon as the viewers get closer, their outlines appear on the screen in continuously overlapping shapes. The colors are taken from seawater and alternate with white lines reminding of sea foam. It is a continuous floating in colors and shapes that evoke the natural relationship between man and the sea. The gestures of the spectators are then accompanied by the sound of the waves, the intensity of which depends upon the movements, giving the illusion that these trails of color are precisely the waves of the sea.

Aquaboll is an experimental version of Boll. It has been realized for the “Through Waters” project with the aim to stimulate a reflection about the relationship between the human body and the water element.


Through Waters


Visualizing Water Worlds | Expo to venice, Arsenale di Venezia Tesa 105 30.06.2015-31.10.2015


concept, software, music: Paolo Scoppola
children drawings: Through Waters


Press Release
Comune di Venezia
Civiltà dell’Acqua
Arsenale Venezia



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