I am in and They are out.
There is a veil in front of me and I can cross.
I want to see me.

Boll is a reflection on the relationship between inner and outer world. Inside there is “I”, the single. Outside there are “They”, the multitude of things, people and ideas. The artist imagines these worlds separated by an invisible membrane and focuses his attention on the act of crossing it, that is, the action to move from one world to another. The visitor approaches the screen and perceives that there is an imaginary line on the floor. As soon as he puts a hand beyond this line, a trail appears on the screen, and so on through the entire body. The involvement is total, every single gesture made ​​beyond the line produces an effect.


Contaminazioni Digitali Festival – Fiumicello / Artegna / Cormons 5.10.2017-3.11.2017
Invisible Cities Festival Gorizia, 17.05.2017-21.05.2017
Live Performance Meeting – Cinema Aquila, Roma 30.05.2015
Satie Festival – Miela Theater, Trieste 09.05.2015
PERIFERICA #ArtIsAct – Fusolab 2.0, Rome 20.02.2015 – 21.02.2015
BiennaleMArteLive – Rialto Sant’Amborgio, Rome 26.09.2014
Caffeina – Palazzo Gentili, Viterbo 27.06.2014
Open House – lasituazione, Rome 11.05.2014
Eccentriche Visioni – Miela Theater, Trieste 10.05.2014


concept, software, music and pictures: Paolo Scoppola


La – PERIFERICA #ArtIsAct 16.02.2015
Biennale Marte Live – Eventi
Teatro Miela – L’occhio vuole la sua parte

Technical details

OpenFrameworks 0.9.8

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