In 2012, scientists at CERN announced that it had finally discovered the elusive Higgs Boson. The Italian National Institute Nuclear Physics, among the protagonists of the discovery, has decided to create an interactive video installation to popularize the importance of this achievement in public events.

“Il dono della massa” doesn’t attempt to explain what the Higgs Boson is, rather to create an environment full of suggestions, where everyone can create their own representation of this important discovery, based on the perceptions and the emotions experienced in front of the screens.The installation is conceived for a group experience. Each viewer, when approaching one of the screens, is reflected in a sort of dust, having a certain color and a certain sound, distinct from the others. As he get closer, the figure progressively takes the shape of his own body: here’s transformation from energy to mass. As other people come, other sounds are played, thus experiencing a musical representation of the Higgs Field.


Ralization: the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics – INFN
Concept and Scientific Project: Vincenzo Napolano, Antonella Varaschin – INFN Communication Office
Audiovisual Project: and Paolo Scoppola


Athens Science Festival, Athens 5.4.2016 – 10.4.2016
Collider, Art Science Museum, Singapore 14.11.2015 – 14.06.2016
International Short Film Festival São Paulo 20.08.2014 – 31.08.2014
Balle di scienza Pisa, Palazzo Blu, 27.03-29.06.2014
Italia del Futuro Exhibit, Stockholm 28.06.2014 – 24.08.2014
White Night, Riga 7.9 – 8.9.2013
Scienza In Piazza, Bologna 25 – 28.01.2013
Festival Della Scienza, Genova 25.10 – 06.11.2012
Festival Della Filosofia, Modena 14 – 16.9.2012


Italia del Futuro Exhibit
INFN video
Zanichelli Aule di Scienze
Progetto Insider
Italian National Institute Nuclear Physics
Globus Magazine

Technical details

OpenFrameworks 0.74, OpenCV 2.3.1, OpenNI 1.5.2, OSX 10.6

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