A collaboration with The Brand Shop advertising agency for developing an interactive video wall. The viewer plays with hundreds of floating graphic objects that remind him something about a certain brand. As the viewer get close to the screen, they smoothly fly away from his projection, making various kind of sounds. When the interaction with those objects reaches a certain level, a short movie starts on the foreground, showing different contents each time.


Convention Telecom Italia, Museum fur Kommunikation, Berlin 2012
Eataly Opening, Ostiense Railway Station, Rome 2012
CuboVision Stand, Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Rome 2012




The Brand Shop Promo Video


Art Director: Giulia Castiello (Telecom, Eataly, CuboVision)
Artist programmer: Paolo Scoppola

technical details

OpenFrameworks 0.74, OpenCV 2.3.1, OpenNI 1.5.2, OSX 10.6

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