A visit to an art gallery is usually an experience of moving in a world of still images, indifferent to where we move. What would it be like if the images were able to follow us? And what if sounds could do the same?

::Reflection is an interactive photo exhibition that allows images and sounds to follow the visitors, moving on the screen or from one speaker to another, as if there were a sort of reflection between them and the people. As people look at the screen, an image appears and follows them as they move around. Each observer creates a physical relationship with an image and a sound or melody. But the viewer also understands that their movements become part of a performance, watched by the other visitors.

Instead of sharing a single image with all the viewers, every individual has their own image and sound and so can create a personal relationship with the contents. At the same time other viewers are forming similiar relationships allowing you to enter a new world of perceptions.


Spoleto Festival, 2008


Terrazza sull’India“, Spoleto Festival 2008


concept, software, photographs and music: Paolo Scoppola

Technical details

QuartzComposer 3.0, Javascript, OpenCV 1.1, OpenGL, OSC, Cocoa, Bidule 0.96

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