Imagine a large screen, as a sort of magic mirror. As you look at it, you see a picture in front of you, as you move around, the picture follows your face. rENGINE is an interactive video system based on an infrared videocamera that tracks the movements of people who are looking at the screen.


  • Tracking objects can be fingers, hands, faces, entire figures and fiducial markers.
  • Viewers do not hold or wear any devices, the interface is their own bodies.
  • Interactive contents can be images, text, sounds, movies and 3D models.
  • The user’s action can be anything is usually performed on computer by using keyboard or mouse
  • Up to sixteen users can perform together and independently.

technical details

OpenFrameworks 0.8.1, OpenCV 2.3.1, OpenNI 1.5.2, OpenNI 2.2, OSX 10.9, Biduel, Quartz Composer, OSC, C++

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