We enter an oneiric and archaic scenario, made up of desolate landscapes, rocky surfaces, sculptures and unknown faces. We find ourselves in a context in which place and time lose their significance. A series of fluctuating filaments, animated by the sound, float through space to then merge into a single object. The eye slowly makes out that the filaments are forming into something that is recognizable.
This is perception.
It is a landscape seen from above, the surface of a statue, a face, a flower. It’s that subconscious experience of trying to recognize something. An intuitive and poetic act that allows us to appreciate beauty.

software, music and pictures: Paolo Scoppola

technical details

QuartzComposer, Javascript.


MUSE Opening, featuring the sound sculptures of Sergio De Carli – Trento 27.07.2013
Assurde IRONIE – Miela Theater, Trieste 12.05.2012
Portes Ouvertes Consolat, Marseille (October) 2011

Sonora is a never-ending work in progres.


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