Brain Drops

Brain Drops is an EEG art project made in collaboration with the Brainew Center of Trieste, headed by Prof. Battaglini. The object is to understand how the interaction with images and sounds can stimulate the mind of a subject that uses a brain computer interface. The Brain Drops Installation, at this early stage, is a custom version of Air Drops, where colors and music can be changed through a brain computer interface based on electroencephalography (EEG).

Currently we are testing the software on a patient suffering from the locked-in syndrome.While someone is drawing with the hand, the patient, wearing a special headset connected to the computer, changes color and music by producing motor signals in the brain. During these sessions we observe his reaction on doing something creative and pleasant, in place of simply establishing a communication with the exterior world. The next step will be developing a completely brain controlled application and see what results can be achieved in terms of brain activity stimulation and communication efficiency.

About my artistic work, my interest is on learning how interactive contents, from a physical point of view, can make cognitive process more involving. But what makes even more interesting this experience in the neuroscience, is discovering that the brain is not an mysterious entity, but something that we can psychically perceive as we do since birth, as any other part of our body.


European Researchers Night 2011, Trieste
Robotica Expo, Milan 07.11.2012 – 09.11.2012


Brainew Center


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