Interactive video installation for a single screen, conceived and created by Paolo Scoppola with the support of Art Forum Würth Capena and Fondazione Mondo Digitale – 2019


Capena Art Forum Würth, Giornata del Contemporaneo 10-11.12.2019

People, by their nature, are inclined to move from one place to another. From those who, every day, go to the workplace, to those who undertake a journey, everyone leaves a trace on the surface of the planet as they cross that of others. Every day, therefore, billions of people live the experience of being “in transit”.Travellers, tourists, commuters, immigrants or ordinary citizens struggling with traffic, all try to reach a destination and in this action can facilitate or hinder that of others.

In this context, the artist asks herself a question. What is our deepest reaction when we meet someone on our way? More generally, what is our real opinion on any issue that concerns the transit of people? In contemporary society, hyper-connected and globalized, this theme constantly raises new questions and finding a coherent approach remains an open question.

Imagine the surface of the planet as a large sheet of glass covered by a dense network of connections, created precisely by people in transit. This is how the large screen looks at first glance. As we approach it, our silhouette appears beyond the plot, as if we were in front of a mirror. Our form, however, is altered and resembles a mass of squared forms, a sort of armor that protects our interiority.

The dominant colour is brick red, as if to create an allegory with the hardness of this element. As we approach the plot of people in transit, the cubes disappear and our silhouette takes on our true contours. We get rid of the protections and our securities and deal with the theme on our skin.


Ideazione, sviluppo codice, musiche: Paolo Scoppola
Technical Support: Fondazione Mondo Digitale


Art Forum Capena


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