La musica immagina il corpo

Performance with Danilo Rea and Diego Bettoni on the theme of the human body. Conceived and produced in collaboration with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics – 2019

A concert-story on the theme of the body and the technologies we use to describe and explore it, to investigate the mysteries of the human brain. It’s the physicist Diego Bettoni from the National Institute of Nuclear Physics who gives the opening to the music video improvisations of Danilo Rea at the piano and Paolo Scoppola at the video console, which interpret live the artistic, scientific and technological imagery of our time on the body. The jazz pianist Danilo Rea performs in a concert of pure improvisation drawing inspiration from his vast repertoire and from a large screen that interacts in real time with the notes of the piano. The music, in fact, is transformed into images through the action of the visual performer Paolo Scoppola, who creates animations on stage thanks to a software created by him that breaks down and recomposes images based on the signal of the microphones, a camera and his own gestures. The performance is divided into various moments that alternate with the words of Diego Bettoni, who thus enters into the dialogue between the two performers. The project, finally, was hosted within the exhibition "Sublimi Anatomie" set up at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.


Roma, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Exhibition “Sublimi Anatomie” 20-12-2019


Coordination: Vincenzo Napolano, Laura Perrone
Piano: Danilo Rea
Interactive Images: Paolo Scoppola
Scientific story: Diego Bettoni
Photographs and videos made by Monkeys Video Lab, provided by courtesy of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.


Exhibition Sublimi Anatomie, by Andrea Carlino, Philippe Comar, Anna Luppi, Vincenzo Napolano, Laura Perrone

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