Living Shapes

Interactive multimedia dance piece inspired by the works of the Bauhausschüler and Star-Architect Hubert Hoffmann (1904 – 1999) – direction and coreography by Valentina Moar

Hubert Hoffmann's drawings, sketches and construction plans are the inspiration for a dance performance by Italian choreographer Valentina Moar. The works of the Styrian Bauhaus student and celebrated architect have not only had a lasting impact on the Graz cityscape, but are also rich in lines of movement, which Moar rhythmically develops and implements as living forms. Media artist Paolo Scoppola, on the other hand, is the creator of a visual-interactive link between dance, Hubert Hoffmann's architecture and the Bauhaus. Conceived and realized during the Covd-19 pandemic, the show is a hymn to resilience.A form of any kind, as long as it is in motion and reacts to external events, is a living form. Hence the idea of creating a choreography in which the dancer's body interacts with these forms, giving rise to a reflection on the very meaning of form in motion. The project, in fact, uses a proprietary digital system to recreate the silhouettes of the dancers on the screen and thus establish a dialogue between the body and the projected images. But that's not all, the media artist is present at the side of the stage with a console that allows him to manipulate the images on the screen, while the dancers express themselves through their bodies. An uninterrupted dialogue between visual and choreographic arts.


Director: Valentina Moar
Choreographer: Valentina Moar
Media Interaction Design: Paolo Scoppola
Dance: Pierre-Yves Diacon and Valentina Moar
Hoffmann’s Voice: Jonathan Schimmer
Sounddesign: Marco Schretter
Lightdesign: Ralf Beyer
Photo: Nikola Milatovic

Thanks to: Archive of the Neue Galerie Graz
Supported by: Stadt Graz Kultur Land Steiermark Kultur, Europa, Außenbeziehungen

In Cooperation with: LaStrada Festival Graz 2020


Graz – LaStrada Festival Graz 1-2.09.2019



a Strada Festival – Premiere
la Strada Festival
Valentina Moar
Pierr-Ives Diacon

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