Interactive tree projection – A test session about projecting interactive images on a tree – 2014

A test session about an interactive tree projection – San Martino 07.06.2014

The quality of the images depends on the power of the projector and the size of the tree. If the crown is small, the texture of the leaves becomes evident and it is difficult to see the lines and points. Moreover, the ideal point of view to observe the interactive images is around the projector, but according to the shape of the crown, you can have a good view even from different angles. The most surprising effect is that each image is transformed into a 3D object due to the fact that the leaves are various levels of depth with respect to the projector. Several interactive video installations have been tested, including Air Drops, Boll and Sonora.

After spending some weeks on testing some of my installations on different kind of trees, here the first public show at the “Green House Party”, Orvieto, Summer 2014. Although a projection like this one needs some attention, the experience to animate a tree through natural gestures is really impressive!!!

A special thank you to Michele Salvaneschi – lasituazione.

Technical details

Equipment: 2600 Ansi Lumen Projector, Macmini, Xtion camera
OpenFrameworks 0.8.0, OpenNI 2.2, OpenCV 2.3, OSX 10.9.2

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