Meet the Media Guru

An evening at the Meet to talk about the genesis of Soundmorphosis and experiment an improvisation in front of the audience without reference tracks.

After the successful performance on November 19, 2021, Danilo Rea and Paolo Scoppola return to the Meet to talk about their project. The two artists come back on stage to tell about themselves, their relationship with sounds, images, improvisation and the creative process behind Soundmorphosis. In this dialogue with the audience, the various contexts embraced by the project emerge: from the research on the relationship between a piano improvisation and a visual performance, to the theme of the relationship between digital technologies, programming and computer science on the one hand and the acoustic piano on the other, two worlds and perhaps even two historical periods apparently distant. Finally, the theme of empathy on stage between two performers with very different paths but united by the desire to communicate something that perhaps goes beyond the notes and colors.


Piano: Danilo Rea
Visuals: Paolo Scoppola
Stage photographs: Francesco Prandoni
Production: Barbara Levi, Alessia Bimonte

Curated by Maria Grazia Mattei, MEET Digital Culture Center

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