Interactive video performance on large screen (80m x 20m) for the opening cerimony of the Science Museum of Trento (MUSE) – 2013

We enter an oneiric and archaic scenario, made up of desolate landscapes, rocky surfaces, sculptures and unknown faces. We find ourselves in a context in which place and time lose their significance…

  • The viewer looks at the screen and sees an abstract form that is floating in a three dimensional space, as if it were the surface of an unknown planet.
  • The surface interacts with the environment, pulsating to every sound or noise picked up by the microphones of the installation.
  • At one point this strange shape starts to rotate slowly showing another perspective. Suddenly, the viewer realizes that the strange and charmful three-dimensional figure, is nothing more than a photograph.

This is perception. It is a landscape seen from above, the surface of a statue, a face, a flower. It’s that subconscious experience of trying to recognize something. An intuitive and poetic act that allows us to appreciate beauty.


Virtual Mountains

Early version


MUSE Opening, featuring the sound sculptures of Sergio De Carli – Trento 27.07.2013
Assurde IRONIE – Miela Theater, Trieste 12.05.2012
Portes Ouvertes Consolat, Marseille (October) 2011


concept, software, music and pictures: Paolo Scoppola

Technical details

Sonora is an interactive video installation based on QuartzComposer and Javascript. It takes a set of images, analyzes the pixels using a variant of the Rutt-Etra synthesizer and builds 3D models in real time. These virtual worlds, finally, come alive according to the audio signal from one or more microphones.

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