Interactive Art

generates the artwork but does not end it
stimulate the senses to generate new meaning
is a work of authorship with a collective breath
uses the algorithm, it is not the algorithm
is the rediscovery of the rite
is the theater of the third millennium and not the show
looks at the organism and not the individual organ
is a mirror that invites to express the self
is an umbilical connection between reality and imagination
is virtual but not alienation from the real
creates encounters between different disciplines
and then invites them into play

There is a before and a then in every artist’s life. At that time I was developing virtual reality software and had started selling my first musical compositions. In my free time I used to travel and photograph: Africa, India, South America… I was looking for a synthesis between my interests, I would return to Italy full of ideas, but the ideas remained confused. That night, as I entered the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, I found a large screen on my right. The image it sent back was that of a huge mosaic, each tile was the face of a person. In front of the screen, a small crowd of curious people seemed to be playing: it was interacting. I understood that anyone who stopped to look at the screen made their face appear in a random spot: that was how the mosaic came to life. In an instant, I saw the whole world concentrated in one word: interactivity. Since then, I have never stopped working on this theme and its applications in the art world. When someone asks me today what I do, I answer that I create magic mirrors that transform our bodies into images and sounds. In the mirror the person is reflected: the viewer, the performer, sometimes myself. The code is the magic, the hidden thread that links the movement of an arm to a drawing on a monitor, the piano note to a sketch on the screen. But the mirror comes to life only if there’s a person in front, and it’s to that person that I direct my attention when seeking possible connections between art and technology. Therefore, even before I talk about algorithm, I remind myself that I am a traveler, a musician, a photographer who pours his own experiences into works and offers them to the public through those technologies of our time that, by convention, we call digital.

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