A Time Slip
Interactive dance performance with piano improvisation realized in collaboration with Sarah Taylor
Gorizia, House of Arts, 2018

Sarah Taylor, and choreographer, moves in front of an interactive video installation by Paolo Scoppola that follows her improvising on the piano. At the center of the scene is time and its inevitable flow. Each gesture of the dancer is repeated for a handful of seconds on the screen. In the fraction of time is concentrated the search for a dialogue between present and past.Through this fusion of visual art and choreographic execution, the viewer is immersed in an experience that goes beyond mere observation, transforming time from an abstract concept to a tangible entity. Sarah Taylor’s performance and Paolo Scoppola’s interactive installation are intertwined, becoming a celebration of the ephemeral and, at the same time, an inquiry into the persistence of moments in the ceaseless flow of time.


Invisible Festival, Gorizia, Casa delle Arti, 26.10.2018 – performed inside the show “La Memoria Restituita” by the Association 4704


Sarah Taylor: movement improvisations
Paolo Scoppola: piano improvisation and interactive video installation

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