Interactive video installation created for the communication campaign of the Reduce project
promoted by the Ministry of the Environment and carried out by the Universities of Bologna, Viterbo, Udine and Milan

The work takes its title from the amount of food that an average Italian throws away every day, quantified and highlighted by the very research that inspired it and that represented the first census of food waste in Italy. The installation thus becomes an inquiry into the concept of balance as a key to fair nourishment to be contrasted with the ancestral desire for abundance. The screen reproduces a series of filaments symbolizing various natural environments. As the audience approaches, a complex interplay of geometric and sonic interactions between the filaments and their own silhouette comes to life, until the visitor becomes aware of the proper size of the food to be purchased.


Rome Maxxi 02.01.2018 (Fifth National Food Waste Prevention Day)
Artegna, Festival Contaminazioni Digitali 6-7.07.2018
Rome F.A.0. 05.01.2019 (VI National Food Waste Prevention Day)


Concept, code development, music: Paolo Scoppola

Project Coordination

Prof. Luca Falasconi, University of Bologna
Prof. Silvio Franco, University of Tuscia


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Progetto Reduce

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