Exit the King
Interactive scenography for the theater play Exit The King by E.Ionesco
realized in collaboration with the Boston University
Theatre One, Boston 04-07.05.2022

The result of a three-month artist residency at Boston University, The Exit The King is the play written by Eugène Ionesco that marks the debut of Random Actor, a digital platform for the creation of interactive, live stage projections created by Paolo Scoppola for the U.S. city’s university. Produced by The School of Theatre, the work was staged with support from the Shipley Center for Digital Learning and Innovation, representing a bridge between classical and contemporary culture, between tradition and the technological avant-garde. The platform, currently available to the U.S. university, is used by students and faculty to create new projects in graphic design, theater and performing arts.


Director: Clay Hopper
Interactive Project Design: Paola Scoppola
Scenic Director: Alyssa Jewell
Costume Designer: Danielle Bazan
Lighting Designer: Max Wallace
Graphic Designers: Chen Lou & Arjun Kumar
Sound Designer: Will Tinsley
Technical Director: Lawren Gregory
Stage Manager: Sienna Siciliano
Production Manager: Eric Sprosty
Production photos: Jacob Chang-Rascle


Guard: Charlie Berger
King: Declan Schliesmann
Marguerite: Charlotte Peartree Moon
Juliette: Rachel Harris
Marie: Lola Kennedy
Doctor: Michael Ticknor


Boston University Press

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