La musica immagina il corpo
Audio Video Performance on the theme of the human body. Conceived and produced in collaboration with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics

A concert-narrative with Danilo Rea and Diego Bettoni, inspired by human anatomy and the technologies we use to describe and explore it, conceived and realized in collaboration with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. The narration of the human body by physicist Diego Bettoni triggers the musical improvisation of Danilo Rea on piano and that of Paolo Scoppola on video console, creating a three-voice dialogue dense with suggestions. Scoppola creates the images on stage through software of his own design that breaks down and recomposes human figures based on the signal of microphones, a camera and his own gestures.


Coordination: Vincenzo Napolano, Laura Perrone
Piano: Danilo Rea
Interactive images: Paolo Scoppola
Science story: Diego Bettoni
Photographs and video taken by Monkeys Video Lab, provided courtesy of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.


Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Exhibit “Sublimi Anatomie” 20-12-2019


Exhibit Sublimi Anatomie, curated by Andrea Carlino, Philippe Comar, Anna Luppi, Vincenzo Napolano, Laura Perrone
Concerto integrale video

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