The Perfect Asymmetry
Videomapping projected on the surface of the Kloe particle detector at the Frascati National Laboratories,
in collaboration with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (2021)
Duration: 6′38′′, Dimensions 10x6 meters

The Kloe detector, conceived back in 1999 with the goal of exploring the intricate laws of asymmetry, has maintained its functionality for about two decades. After the operational period, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics took the initiative to make it accessible to the public through the intervention of Paolo Scoppola. The artist transformed the detector into a vast projection surface, resulting in a site-specific video installation that deepens the investigation of asymmetry and its laws, revealing the intrinsic value of imperfection and diversity. The fascinating video mapping project, based on generative graphics and centered on the concept of asymmetry, manifests itself directly on the sumptuous surface of the Kloe detector. The work undertakes deep reflection on the concepts of “perfection” and “equality,” challenging the traditional association between perfect symmetry and ideal aesthetics. Often, perfection is tied to equality, where two parts coincide in every minute detail. However, Scoppola suggests that perfection may reside in an inherent asymmetry, evoked by the diversity evident in many forms of life, including ourselves. Our imperfect symmetry, in which the right side approaches but does not exactly coincide with the left, is a reminder of intrinsic diversity, similar to that between matter and antimatter. Thus, through the fusion of visual art and conceptual exploration, the installation transforms the Kloe detector into a dynamic monument, celebrating imperfection as the only form of perfection and suggesting that, perhaps, true beauty lies in the asymmetrical harmony of life itself.


Concept, software, images and original soundtrack: Paolo Scoppola
Scientific oversight: Danilo Domenici and Emiliano Dané
Production management: Danilo Domenici


RE-OpenLabs 2022, Frascati (Roma) 28.05.2022

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