Living Shapes
Contemporary dance performance with interactive images, inspired by the works of Hubert Hoffmann, choreography by Valentina Moar

Hoffmann’s drawings, sketches and construction plans are the starting point for a dance performance that ties the work of the famous architect, the Bauhaus lesson and the Graz cityscape to a single thread. The show uses a digital system devised by Paolo Scoppola to recreate the silhouettes of the dancers on the screen and thus establish a dialogue between the body and the projected images. Conceived and realized during the Covd-19 emergency, Living Shapes is an ode to resilience.


Directing: Valentina Moar
Coreography: Valentina Moar
Media Interaction Design: Paolo Scoppola
Dance: Pierre-Yves Diacon and Valentina Moar
Hoffmann’s narration voice: Jonathan Schimmer
Sound Design: Marco Schretter
Light Design: Ralf Beyer
Photography: Nikola Milatovic
Acknowledgements: Neue Galerie Graz Archives
Supported by: Stadt Graz Kultur Land Steiermark Kultur, Europa, Au├čenbeziehungen
In cooperation with: La Strada Festival Graz 2020


Graz – La Strada Festival Graz 1-2.09.2020




La Strada Festival – Premiere
La Strada Festival

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