audio video performance for acoustic piano and video console with Danilo Rea,
supported by Meet Digital Culture Center

In dialogue with Danilo Rea, among the foremost pianists on the international jazz scene, Soundmorphosys is the audiovisual performance supported by Meet Digital Culture Center, based entirely on improvisation and inspired by a sequence of dreamlike visions. A grand piano, a digital console and a large screen in the center of the stage generate a unique narrative that blends music and images in a continuous exchange of open suggestions. A journey to the roots of two profoundly different languages. Two minds, two arts, one shared dream.


Piano: Danilo Rea
Visuals: Paolo Scoppola
Photo: Francesco Prandoni, Adriana Tuzzo, Luigi Venturi


Toronto Digifest 2021, performed at Meet, Milan 19.11.2021
Meet the Media Guru, Milano 08.02.2022
Roma Jazz Festival, Auditorium, Roma 17.11.2022


Soundmorphosis is not a concert, but a sensory and emotional journey, a project born from the encounter between music and visuals that follow, transform and dissolve into each other in a kaleidoscope of notes, shapes and colors. – Adriana Tuzzo, Jazzit

The widespread feeling among stage and audience was that we were in the presence of an experiment that will have a long sequel and may radically transform production and enjoyment of music and art. – Luigi Onori, Il Manifesto


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