Walking Through Time
Interactive video installation designed for the project ′On the Trails of the Glaciers′
in collaboraiton with Macromicro Association 2015

Interactive video installation created in collaboration with Macromicro Association for Fabiano Ventura′s On the Trails of the Glaciers project. During his expeditions, the mountaineer and photographer retraced the tracks of historical explorations documenting the state of glaciers years later. The two overlapping images of the same place clearly give back to the visitor the effects of human action on climate. It only takes a step forward or backward for the image of the past to transform into that of the present or vice versa, resulting in a journey through time that becomes an interactive fresco of the Anthropocene.


concept, software and music: Paolo Scoppola
photographs: Fabiano Ventura


On the Trails of the Glaciers – Pigorini Museum, Rome 14.12.2014-25.02.2015
Winter Enrichment Program – King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia 09.01.2016-22.01.2016
Notte dei Ricercatori – Università Roma Tre, 30.09.2016
Epson 2109 Calendar presentation – Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia – Milan 21.11.2018


On the Trail of the Glaciers
Macromicro Association


La Stampa
ANSA Cultura

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