Distracted Beings

Strange beings, lazy and distracted, stepped out of a laboratory experiment. They observe the world with indifference and unconscious irony. Do not care problems. They do not know the pain any more, everything has already happened. 2011.


Melodic improvisations on piano and guitar. It’s a sort of meditation to understand and release the emotions. There is no research, there is no desire to discover new worlds, but only the need to listen to themselves.


An experience through freehand drawing and musical improvisation. Before recording improvisations, I do not have any idea about what I am going to play. I do not prepare or decide anything before pressing the record button and, because of this, each track is unrepeatable. Likewise in the sketches I create to train for music improvisations, every line is drawn and never altered – 2005.

Sound Escape

Soundscapes made by recording acoustic instruments, digital effects and sounds and noises during travels. No rules, just a landscape of sounds.


Songs and talks recorded on the road mixed with instruments and digital effects – 2010.


In the winter of 2004 I spent two weekend in a recording room with a baby grand Steinway. For about eight hours I played everything it passed through my mind. Then I collected the best improvisations and I put them in this album.


Sounds: acoustic piano, pinquillo, charango, synthesizer and live recordings.

At the top of the sea

Sounds: electric guitar and live recordings.

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