There is a before and a then in every artist’s life. At that time I was developing virtual reality software and had started selling my first musical compositions. In my free time I used to travel and photograph: Africa, India, South America… I was looking for a synthesis between my interests, I would return to Italy full of ideas, but the ideas remained confused. That night, as I entered the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, I found a large screen on my right. The image it sent back was that of a huge mosaic, each tile was the face of a person. In front of the screen, a small crowd of curious people seemed to be playing: it was interacting. I understood that anyone who stopped to look at the screen made their face appear in a random spot: that was how the mosaic came to life. In an instant, I saw the whole world concentrated in one word: interactivity. Since then, I have never stopped working on this theme and its applications in the art world. When someone asks me today what I do, I answer that I create magic mirrors that transform our bodies into images and sounds. In the mirror the person is reflected: the viewer, the performer, sometimes myself. The code is the magic, the hidden thread that links the movement of an arm to a drawing on a monitor, the piano note to a sketch on the screen. But the mirror comes to life only if there’s a person in front, and it’s to that person that I direct my attention when seeking possible connections between art and technology. Therefore, even before I talk about algorithm, I remind myself that I am a traveler, a musician, a photographer who pours his own experiences into works and offers them to the public through those technologies of our time that, by convention, we call digital.

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