The world of Paolo Scoppola is an orography of activities, interests and techniques filtered by the sensibility of an artist devoted to experimentation and in continuous dialogue with his own time. Photography, drawing, music and programming are the ingredients that over the course of a lifetime help define an artistic dimension where the classic dichotomy between analog and digital is dissolved in a superior design that incorporates and exceeds each component.
Graduated in computer science, he began his professional activity in 1998 developing virtual reality applications in the field of cultural heritage for Infobyte, and then moved in 2005 to the television and film sector (Centro sperimentale di cinematografia, Direct2brain, Clonwerk). Subsequently he collaborates with major television stations (Rai, la7) and in 2008 he brought to the Spoleto Festival ::Reflection, the first of a long series of interactive video installations.
Since 2011, his installations and performances have been a regular presence of international cultural containers and festivals, from Fuorisalone in Milan to the Science Museum and the Brain Center in Trieste, where he experimented with brainwave interaction in 2011. In 2012 he collaborated with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics to create The Gift of Mass, exhibited, among others, in the Art Science Musuem in Singapore. In 2013 he made Sonora, a music video performance for the opening of the Science Museum in Trento. In 2014 the permanent installation Cromatica for Lines. In 2015 he takes part in the international project On the Trails of the Glaciers, exhibiting at King Abdullah University and the Pigorini Museum in Rome. in 2016 he makes Meteomorphosis for Goretex, exhibited at the Fuorisalone in Milan and awarded the Outdoor Industry Awards.
In 2017 he began collaborating with Danilo Rea in a series of audiovisual performances in which he performed alongside the jazz pianist and culminating with the work Soundmorphosis performed at Meet in 2021 and at the Auditorium’s Sala Sinopoli in 2022.
In 2018 he creates Centogram, a three-dimensional video installation for the Ministry of the Environment, and, in collaboration with choreographer Sarah Taylor, the interactive dance performance A Time Slip.
Still in the world of contemporary dance, in 2020 he began collaborating with choreographer Valentina Moar with whom he created the interactive performances Living Shapes and Built to Last, both presented in Graz.
From 2018 he is a lecturer and coordinator of Interaction Design at the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design in Rome. In 2022 he holds an artist residency at Boston University where he creates the digital sets for the play “Exit the King” by G.Ionescu. In 2023, he participates with the work Echoescape in the group exhibition Interwoven Scape that opens the Shenzen Art Museum and then continues in Beijing and Shanghai.

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