Built To Last

Interactive multimedia dance performance,
directed and choreographed by Valentina Moar

Inspired by the choreography of Valentina Moar, Built To Last is a dance solo on the theme of bodily memory. Fragility, insecurity and loss of consciousness characterize the first scenes of the performance, which is followed by the desire to find oneself through the physical memory of the body, which guides the mind in search of itself. The performance is based on multiple levels of interactivity: on the one hand, the dancer’s body interacting with the screen, suggesting the images generated by the video performer; on the other hand, the musical impulses transmitted by Reinhard Ziegerhofer on double bass and processed at the console by Paolo Scoppola, who transforms them into further visual interactions.


Dance: Valentina Moar
Choreography: Valentina Moar
Media Interaction Design: Paolo Scoppola
Double bass and electric bass: Reinhard Ziegerhofer
Sound Design: Marco Schretter
Light Design: Ralf Beyer
Photo: Nikola Milatovic


Graz – Folklore Museum 2-4.09.2022

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