Interactive video installation on single screen
designed and realized in collaboration with KeyMove for Lines

Cromatica is an encounter between art, science and psychology. pure colours, exert a strong evocative power on the senses and n from childhood characterize the life of every individual. colours are also the basic ingredients of any artistic creation in the visual field. Last but not least, they create close correspondences with the character of each individual, as has been known for some time now in psychology. Cromatica is an environment of interactive colours and sounds, where everyone can find their own “chromatic correspondence” through a sensory experience. An expanse of coloured particles is reproduced on a large screen. As soon as a person approaches, his or her silhouette appears and the particles near the arms begin to enter the body and then rotate around the centre of gravity. We can fill ourselves with one colour rather than another, but it is always our character that guides us in our choice and that will lead us to determine a well-defined psychological profile.


Concept: Paolo Scoppola, Michele Rigoni
Software, Music: Paolo Scoppola
Creative direction: Michele Rigoni, KeyMove
Exhibition design: Diego Arcani
Copywriter : Domenico Cocozza
Speaker : Guido Ruberto
Projection system: CVM
Special thanks : Stefania Cortese, Ruxandra Matei

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