Interactive video performance on large screen (80m x 20m)
realized for the opening cerimony of the MUSE, Science Museum
Trento 2013

At the center of the work is the mountain and its perception. Starting from a series of black and white images resulting from his past as a mountaineer, Paolo Scoppola reconstructs a narrative of geometries that now conceal now reveal real landscapes. A process of visual abstraction that turns into a poetic gesture. Conceived for the inauguration of the MUSE, the performance receives the musical contribution of Sergio De Carli, whose movements on the percussion instruments he constructed become visual impulses, sparks that animate the images on the Muse’s great wall.


Inauguration of the Muse, in collaboration with Sergio De Carli – Trento 27.07.2013
Assurde IRONIE – Miela Theater, Trieste 12.05.2012
Portes Ouvertes Consolat, Marseille (October) 2011


conception, software, music and images: Paolo Scoppola

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